route one comic relief

I would like to start by explaining what route one is. route one is a project designed to work with young people in recovery of a mental illness. the project set out to offer a combination of education and residential opportunities. it was funded by comic relief and delivered by Charlton athletic, the arsenal community and Tottenham hotspur. what I experienced on the project was life changing. I met and engaged with people in the same or similar situations as me. it was exciting, exhilarating but for me personally was exhausting. the memories we created on the journey will stay with us forever and I have made some new friends that I feel I can talk to as we, as I said, suffer similar problems. we done a course on employability and we attended football games, we had a visit to st james’ park hotel, and topped off with a holiday to cornwall to stay on a yacht, do paddle boarding coasteering and much more. again as I said it was life changing. the purpose of this blog is to deliver thanks to the people and organisations that delivered this amazing experience. I would like to thank the early intervention program for their continued support throughout the whole trip. a special thanks to carl and terry from Charlton for taking the time and effort to make the experience what it was. a big big thank you to comic relief. and a thank you to sea sanctuary who let us on their yacht. I hope more people get the help I have received with out it I don’t know where I would be now.

kind regards to all, bez berry


About bezberry

im currently ill, but i can keep a smile well
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