food pouches are bad for the environment

food pouches

bad for environment-food pouches

all types of food pouches are bad for the environment. they are made from paper foil and plastic, the plastic covering makes them un-recyclable. one pouch in the morning and one pouch in the evening for cats makes two pouches in the rubbish, after the week is out that’s 14 pouches, one cat food tin does 4 meals, thats 3 and a half tins per week, with tins you take the paper off and you have a metal you can collect and cash in once a year, please if your going buy food pre-packaged foods buy tins. all these packets are going into our landfills and fire pits, if you care bout your planet and/or your wallet please start buying tinned foods for your pets and yourself, there is so many toxic chemicals in plastic that destroys health and the environment. even wax coated pouches are bad, with a tin you can buy lids for them and store them in the fridge once opened, with pouches if you use only half a pouch and store it in the fridge it tends to dry out and still creates a smell in the fridge, I used to buy food pouches a lot as they were always on offer, but considering you are only saving around fifty pence per pack its not a lot considering the impact on environment. I used to work in a recycling factory where there was paper, cardboard, plastics, and metal processed and so many people would stick these abominations in their recycling, I can not express how bad that made our jobs trying to remove these things. if they found some in the bails at the place we sent our paper they would degrade our product and it would reflect the price greatly, it made our lives hell and effect the business too.

I would like to hear from anyone else’s views on this subject, and it would be great to hear what you do to help the environment in your home, such as recycling water, conserving power or just avoiding using your heating until its truly needed, many thanks for reading my blog and hope you have a great day.

Kind regards Michael Berry
Margate/Thanet resident U.K.


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