demonic nightmares

i woke up this morning once again in a nasty panic and a pool of sweat, these dreams or should i say nightmares are getting seriously twisted. last night was probably the most twisted of all but not the most vivid. although it was pretty vivid regardless. my dream started in my house with a group of us having a laugh and a muck around as friends do, we went out the house drinking and laughing and telling jokes ect, we went into a snooker hall which had fruit machines down the sides and a bar at the back, there was red carpet on the floor and terracotta wall paper on the walls, also there were low hanging lights across the ceiling. all of a sudden everyone started running about and panicking and i was trying to move out of the building but was getting knocked off my crutches and trampled each time i got up. eventually i got out and managed to see another building with a flat roof which i entered. after hiding for a while and everything quietened down i proceeded to get up and hobble out of the building and down the road back to the snooker hall to locate family and friends. once inside the snooker hall i was asking the few remaining people if they had seen my acquaintances. they were all acting like id never been there and there hadn’t even been a panic at all. but seeing the destruction all all around them i proceeded to leave the building, only to be pulled back by what i can only explain as a demon with a warped face. the face looked like it had some sort of rubber membrane over it and blood for tears. i tried to scream and started to struggle away. he threw me down on the floor and not to be crude he tried to rape me. luckily he got distracted and stopped what he was doing and gave chase to someone else. i got out the building as fast as i could. i then went back to the place i was hiding during the panic. once i got there i saw there had been deaths and alot of struggle there where others had tried to fight these demons off. i went upstairs slowly to find if there was anyone left in the building. i got on the top floor where i found my cats and a few other cats. slowly but surely people started showing up and helped me to barricade the top floor. we was checking out the windows to see if we could see any others trying to save themselves. there was only demons walking the streets. some were even sweeping and cleaning the destruction they had made. i remember checking the back window with a unknown survivor to see if we could jump from the window to the building next to us. we both agreed it was do-able so we all jumped leaving the cats safe where they were. we kept going from building to building for a while trying to locate others. all of a sudden when in a building most of us got separated, and as if from no where the rapist demon showed up. i tried my hardest to fight it, i was stabbing shards of glass into it and table legs and all sorts but nothing worked. he threw me down on the floor bit me and said your now going to be one, then he proceeded to cut my wrists and i felt my body getting weaker and weaker. i felt the rubber membrane come over my face it was choking me. all of a sudden i stood up and was walking with them and not trying to get away. i then proceeded to meet what seemed to be something looking like it came straight out of a sci fi novel, and i had managed to acquire a weird shaped knife in the shape of a garden trowel from somewhere, i cant seem to remember that part of the dream sadly. i then proceed to fight with this thing stabbing it in the head and chest, there were humans coming from everywhere attacking the demons and trying to kill them with no luck, i managed to destroy the strange being thing but i cant tell you what happened because as i turnt to help fight the demons and saw like a river of blood i woke in a nasty panic and sweat. it would seem some would say there is a reason for this dream like a message, but just a brief history on my sufferings. i have fybromyalgia lymphadenopathy a fissure and serious depression with suicidal tendancies, i believe the nightmares have something to do with my health condition. i would like to say these nightmares are dark twisted demonic and damn right mental torture. they are so vivid i can smell things and feel things, even my wrists being slashed in my dream hurt like hell and i can still feel the pain as i write this. my dreams are different every time but seem to be focussed on my personal family and things and are always twisted. in this dream so much more happened but id be here for ever writing and thats no my goal, i want to know if anyone else suffers this way and if so what do you do to deal with it. thanks for taking the time to read this much love to you all!!!


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im currently ill, but i can keep a smile well
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