facebook im leaving you – poem – by michael berry

soon will come the time i leave,
facebook itself has become a thief.
i try to post things to help your life,
and of course your beautiful wife.
the world we live is near an end,
you don’t seem to care nor try to defend.
horrible cispa has now been passed,
for posting truth you will be grassed.
of to the fema camps you will go,
if you don’t fit the status quo.
the uk has immigration centers,
that the new government placenta.
in which you will become,
and sex toy giving out your bum.
inside you think its just a rave,
but inside really you become a slave.
the time has come for i to leave,
away from fb you fkin thieve.
im not signing with another site,
as they were paid to join the fight.
just to log what you like to do,
and family lists this is true.
don’t believe me open your eyes,
before you lose and then you die!!!!

goodbye facebook by michael berry


About bezberry

im currently ill, but i can keep a smile well
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2 Responses to facebook im leaving you – poem – by michael berry

  1. bezberry says:

    just woke up and this was in my head please be kind lol

  2. Superb Bez, I feel this way too social media Isn’t the answer

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